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Vaughn Bonsteel, MBA, CRSP
Vaughn Bonsteel, MBA, CRSP
Principal Consultant

"It's not about finding solutions... It's about creating value for your company"​

Vaughn Bonsteel


One of the largest reasons I became a consultant was because I truly find it rewarding helping others succeed. I have a natural learning, coaching, and mentoring style that makes collaborating with others feel more like a partnership. Like a complicated puzzle, business can be difficult, and the people that run them don’t need more obstacles in their path. By leveraging knowledge, sound business models, and teamwork, its always a joy finding opportunities and recommending actions to drive others towards their desired goals.

I believe that taking the time to understand projects at a deeper level allow me to create solutions that are both sustainable and scalable. Regardless of the project, my reward is helping great people increase efficiency, productivity, compliance and measured revenue.

A business that successfully creates value should find that it is able to operate profitably…safely.


I have always maintained high levels of standards and like any good professional, it’s one of the ways I earn your trust that I’ll act in your best interest. My investment in education and years of organizational experience allows me to transfer the technical skills and managerial knowledge that benefit companies and their people.

As a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) who has completed specialized training on law, ethics, and the consulting process, I bring technically sound health & safety knowledge to your safety leadership. I proudly hold a master’s degree in business (MBA) that has enhanced my leadership qualities, teamwork strengths, and the entrepreneurial spirit to take risks. My MBA has additionally enhanced my  foundation of business verticals like Managerial Finance, Governance, Economics, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, and Risk management to name a few.

With a wider perspective of the business world, and the ability to adapt to new cultures, places or situations, I offer a great deal of value within a consulting relationship.

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Let me earn your trust.

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