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Vaughn Bonsteel Safety Consultant


Safety Management System

Your safety management system should equal the reputation your business aspires to be. Customized health and safety solutions leave solid foundations to build on, saving your future resources for more critical issues. I collaborate with you to personalize your branded safety program which leaves employees safer and adds marketable value. Elements I develop for your project are entirely owned by you and provided in familiar formats making updates easy. Are you building a safety program? Trying to pass an audit? Do you want to assess your current system? I work in partnership with you to find strengths and opportunities for improvement.  I will provide you with solutions, prioritize your options, and build an action plan that gets results. Have the knowledge and experience on demand when you need it. Contact me to get your health and safety project started.

Safety Leadership

Safety leadership needs to exist at all levels from the board of directors, senior executives, middle managers to entrepreneurial small business owners. By directly working with your safety leaders I can influence the safety climate which directly affects the safety culture. Safety climate is the perceived importance put on safety (the safety mood). It can be difficult to change because it involves people’s internal attitudes towards safety. When we measure the climate, it can be a valuable indicator of real safety performance. The safety culture is the beliefs and personal responsibility for shared safety in an organization. The combination of written policies, procedures, training, and the demonstration of positive safety behaviours define the safety culture of the organization. Let me work with your leadership to influence the safety climate, build a positive safety culture, and improve your safety performance.

Health and Safety Consulting

Health and safety is a multidisciplinary field focused on the health, safety, and welfare of people in the workplace. Let me help your business manage safety program elements such as management systems, organizational structures, risk evaluation, metrics, leadership and more. Whether your business is motivated by profit, reputation, or social responsibility, successful safety program integration strengthens corporate excellence, raises shareholder value, and contributes to the culture of a company by exceeding performance expectations. Let me assist you in the creation of robust health and safety strategies appropriate for organizations at a local, provincial, national or international level. By studying, selecting, prioritizing and analyzing key performance indicators I can evaluate and provide strategic recommendations based on evidence. More than managing metrics or meeting legal obligations, your program will be sustainable over the long term and scalable to projected future growth.

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Program Development

Compliance Audit

Risk Evaluation

Corporate Safety

Workplace Assessments

Process Safety

Metrics Review

Integration Design

Gap Assessment

Implementation Strategy

Program Analysis

Policy & Procedure

Management Systems

Safety Climate & Culture

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