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Thinking of Selling Your Business in The Next 5 Years?

The Evidence

According to Statistics Canada (Dec 2017) there are a total of 1,174,695 businesses sized under 500 employees in Canada and 30,212,670 in the U.S (Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, 2017). Most of these business owners won't anticipate how difficult it might be to successfully sell or value a company and achieve its maximum worth. A scary figure (that experts may or may not agree on) is that less than 20% of businesses for sale will make it through the diligence process and actually sell.

Take Action

Avoid the bulk of frustrations by knowing your business’ strengths, financial positioning, and current justifiable valuation. Invest a little energy upfront and spend some time grooming your business. A long-term exit strategy will assist you in maximizing its future value while making it attractive to potential buyers. Contact me to get started.


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Vaughn Bonsteel is a Business Consultant and Safety Consultant helping companies and people like you understand current situations to move themforward towards their targeted goals.

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